Jan 20: Payments in all faucets increased

Bitcoin Faucet

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Faucet Balance: 0.05359485 Ƀ

Average Payout: 0.00000155 Ƀ

Daily Payout: 0.00156400 Ƀ

Total Payout: 1.88331533 Ƀ

Dash Faucet

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Faucet Balance: 0.00000321 D

Average Payout: 0.00014626 D

Daily Payout: 0.00000000 D

Total Payout: 16.99552800 D

Dogecoin Faucet

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Faucet Balance: 14.14 Ɖ

Average Payout: 2.52 Ɖ

Daily Payout: 0.00 Ɖ

Total Payout: 182575.70 Ɖ

Peercoin Faucet

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Faucet Balance: 0.00002504 P

Average Payout: 0.00039272 P

Daily Payout: 0.00000000 P

Total Payout: 21.85354000 P

Primecoin Faucet

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Faucet Balance: 0.01005903 P

Average Payout: 0.00355715 P

Daily Payout: 0.00000000 P

Total Payout: 75.42588000 P


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